NDP Meeting 1 December 2015. 7.30 pm.

NDP Meeting  1 December 2015.

7.30 pm.



Pat Crane was in the chair and welcomed all attendees to this meeting, who were all residents of Desford and Botcheston except for Mr Dickinson who was a representative from Neovia.


Pat explained in full details the ideals of the NDP and gave out leaflets for everyone to take home and read.


A question was raised has to how binding the plan would be – answer:  It will be a legal document equally considered with the HBBC planning departments which must include the national and local policies.


Setting this up will include a lot of ground work, including perhaps questionnaires to be delivered and collected from every household in the area and can easily take 2 years plus to complete.


A grant is to be applied for to assist and the PC will assist as well.  An average NDP can be £13 – 14k but can be much more, dependent on how much a consultant is needed to be hired.


Sub groups can be set up with answers being taken back to the full meetings.


A vote locally will be required for the final plan to be accepted.


Pat said this procedure had started in February when the request was sent to the HBBC, but had been delayed for various reasons.  She suggested that all attendees took the information away and the next meeting in January to be the start of the hard work.


A question was asked how long the plan stands for, a member of DPC answered that the plan stands as long as legislation doesn’t change, being reviewed perhaps every 5 years.


Market Bosworth have a NDP in place and someone is willing to come and talk to the Desford group.


Pat emphasized that the plan is not just for residential but includes all aspects of the community, hence the Neovia rep attending.   And that the whole plan is really just using common sense.


Pat wound up by saying that the NDP group has to be linked to the PC and pleased to see so many residents here to be able to provide a joint process.


Just as Pat thanked everyone for attending again, she gave out forms asking people to complete if they can help and what skills they can provide to assist the group.


Meeting closed. 8.10pm




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