Meeting of Desford Neighbourhood Plan Working Group Tuesday 26th January 2016 At Desford Library 7.30pm.

Meeting of Desford Neighbourhood Plan Working Group

Tuesday 26th January 2016

At Desford Library 7.30pm.


In Attendance:

                          Pat Crane, Paul Angelinetta, David Crocker, Janet Ireland, Derek Ireland, Kaye Johnson, Julie Peel, Malcolm Peel, Martyn Randle, Steve Thorpe, Darren Tilley, Peter Walker, Bernard Grimshaw.



  1. Apologies.

                        Pat and Ray Barns, Robert Ford, Kate McGregor, Linda Mitchell, Terry Satchwell, Joe Scarratt, Judy Sharpe, Rob Wade, Ian Sharpe, Lyn Dearling.


  1. Appointment of Chairman.

                        Martyn Randle volunteered to be chairman for the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group (NPWG) and this was accepted by all in attendance.


  1. Appointment of Minutes Secretary / Treasurer / Communications Officer.

                        Kaye Johnson was asked to be the Minutes Secretary and she agreed,  Darren Tilley was asked to be Treasurer and he agreed, Bernard Grimshaw offered to be Communications Officer and this was agreed by all in attendance. Pat Crane did point out that the Treasurer’s role in this group would be purely to keep accurate records for the group and help with any grant applications as the actual monies would be held by the Parish Council.


  1. Terms and conditions.

                        Pat Crane apologised as she had come direct from another meeting and didn’t have a copy with her to discuss these.  Pat will email them to all, for individuals to peruse and discuss at the next meeting.


  1. Vision.

                        Martyn Randle took over as Chair of the meeting and asked all what their long term view is for the parish, adding that perhaps everyone there could email their visions to him.  Market Bosworth, Broughton Astley and Billesdon are all examples to look at on their respective PC web sites.   The questionnaire to go out to all residents within the parish will be asking about the vision for the future, but extreme care must be taken in wording the questionnaire as leading questions can get the plan rejected by the inspectors.   Derek Ireland asked if economic evidence has happened, the answer given was not yet as this will be part of the NPWG evidence gathering and public meetings will hopefully give us the answers.


6 Programme of work:

  1. Tasks

The main aim within the tasks is to achieve sufficient evidence to write the necessary policies as the group deem necessary for the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP).   This includes information from the Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council (HBBC).   Pat Crane suggested the web site is a good site to read and follow but the Neighbourhood Plan Roadmap Guide does have 54 pages within. To know what is actually involved and know what each individual can do Bernard Grimshaw offered to check out this document and send an abbreviated version to the Chairman.  Pat also suggested that we need to find out who is our link person from the HBBC to assist the group, again Bernard agreed to do this.

The Rural Community Council (RCC) are a professional organisation funded by their members and charge an hourly rate for assisting rural communities.  The HBBC have said the RCC can be approached through the council for some free hours to assist with the NDP.

It was asked if local companies could be approached to assist with the funding, and whilst there is no hard and fast regulations, credibility might be in question so decided against this.

Some form of contact needs to be made to the local, Doctors, Schools and businesses as well as the local residents.  Market Bosworth when preparing their NDP visited schools and got excellent feedback from the pupils parents.  The RCC can do a presentation for the relevant ages within a school for a fee.



Page 2: Tasks continued……


Caterpillar & Neovia are split over two parishes, part being within Desford and part within Peckleton.  Peckleton do not want Desford to include the area within their NDP boundary.  Pat is to ask who the resources person is at Caterpillar for a contact to liaise with.

To achieve good results it is ideal to keep the residents informed and including the groups details on the Parish Councils web site would help with this.



  1. Resources

                        A locality grant needs to be applied for and could be £8k, the £5k already allocated by the Parish Council should help in obtaining the grant as other money as well as theirs is available.  The group were advised that Broughton Astley had spent between £15k to £16k to complete their plan which was covered by grants and the Parish Council; Market Bosworth spent approx. £15k also but this was completely covered by a grant.

A decision of where the meetings can be held may need to be considered at a later stage; at the moment the group can use the library free of charge, but this may change.


  1. Timetable

                        Pat advised the average time taken by other areas is two years, but we need to ascertain how long it will take to obtain the grant monies to be able to discuss further.  It will then depend on how many policies and themes need to be included specific to our area.  (Market Bosworth only did 2 policies, a – Character & Environment and b – Building & Development).  It was suggested also that once Bernard has the relative information summarised from the Roadmap Guide we could then split into smaller working groups.

This has been deferred to the next meeting.


  1. Application for funding from Locality.

                        Darren Tilley will look into this on the group’s behalf and discuss at the next meeting.


8./9.  Where do we start and the background work.

                        We need to look at the community as a whole, including schools, shops, employers, farms in our area and prioritise what reports are required.  This to be discussed at the next meeting.

Pat is to ask for a blank copy of Market Bosworth’s questionnaire and hopefully circulate this for us all to read. We can also read Broughton Astley’s on their web page.   Malcolm Peel emphasised however that we must remember each Parish is unique and what is suitable for another area might not be suitable for Desford.



  1. Next meeting

                        Martyn asked if there was any other business to discuss, and as there wasn’t, it was agreed the next meeting to be held on Monday 22 February at 7.30pm at Desford Library.


Meeting Closed at 20.55 pm.


I confirm this is a true copy of the minutes …………………………………………… (Martyn Randle)


……………………………………………  Date.









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