Desford Neighbourhood Development Plan Working Group Meeting 12 April 2016. 7.30pm Desford Library

Desford Neighbourhood Development Plan Working Group

Meeting 12 April 2016.

7.30pm  Desford Library


In attendance:  Martyn Randle(Chair), Pat Crane, David Crocker, Bernard Grimshaw, Jim Houghton, Janet Ireland, Derek Ireland, Kaye Johnson, Ewan Lindsay, Malcolm Peel, Darren Tilley.

ALSO  Helen Nightingale from HBBC.


  1. Apologies were given from Pat Barnes, Ray Barnes, Lyn Dearling, Linda Mitchell, Julie Peel, Joe Scarratt, Judy Sharpe, Steve Thorpe,

The Chairman, Martyn , gave his report as follows:


The purpose of a Neighborhood Development Plan (NDP) Working Group is to establish general planning policies in partnership with the local community and Parish Council for the future development and use of land in a Parish.


Desford Neighborhood Development Working Group

The purpose of the Working Group is to establish general planning policies in partnership with the local community and Parish Council for the future development and use of land in Desford Parish (Desford, Botcheston and Newtown Unthank).


The working group is required to take into account the needs of the residents of Desford Parish and the strategic policies of the Borough council’s Local Plan 2006 – 2026 and be supported by proportionate robust evidence.  Essentially the strategy of the working group is to research into both the village community and the County Councils wants and needs. Make impartial judgements on what is “want” (desirable) and a need (essential) and produce a questionnaire for the residents of Desford Parish. The responses to the questionnaire will form the basis of a draft Neighborhood Development Plan (NDP) for Desford Parish Council.



Grants are available for Neighborhood Development Schemes and applications for grants are being made to both the Department for Communities and Local Government and Desford Parish Council.


Operational Strategy

Given the size and complexity involved in developing a NDP two sub-committees have been set up to

  1. a) Develop a project plan
  2. b) Plan open events to publicize the work of the NDP


Draft Project Plan

A time line has been established and 7 milestones have been identified


Open Events

A publicity flyer has been designed and three open events have been organized.


  1. Minutes of Last Meeting.

Unfortunately several committee members failed to receive the email of the minutes of the last meeting. The Chairman went quickly through the minutes with all in attendance and were approved and signed as a true copy.

  1. Matters arising:

No 9 on the minutes, it has been confirmed that some drop in events have now been organized as per the Chairman’s report.

  1. Treasurers Report: Darren explained the expenses and income spreadsheet which had been circulated before the meeting.  At the moment there is £5k in the fund.  Darren asked that he is advised well in advance of any expenditure required so that he can budget accordingly.   Evidence will be required, ie quotes etc, to obtain the actual monies, followed by the receipted invoices.  It was suggested that one person be responsible within the group for the purse strings, and this was agreed with Darren being the obvious choice.   Malcolm said that all purchases should go through the PC Resources committee, but Bernard pointed out that the Clerk to the PC can authorize small purchases.  Locality Grant application – this is going through the motions and awaiting expenditure estimates to be able to submit the application later this year. Darren advised that grant monies do have to be spent within 6 months of receiving them, but if we need the money for this autumn to spend, we must be getting our application in asap.   The question was asked how much the RCC would require to engage them, at this stage we are unsure but John is now back from Australia and should be contacted asap to answer this; he does have some hours allocated to the HBBC and they are willing to allow the NDPGW a small percentage of this.


  1. Communication officer report:  Bernard said he had been in touch with Helen at HBBC and she had been extremely helpful with the area maps (emailed before the meeting to all) and information given, hence asking her to attend tonight’s meeting to assist further.


  1. Project Plan: There really wasn’t a report to give as such, Bernard said the info received from Helen was an excellent start for the group.


  1. Open Events: There are 3 events planned covering day and evening to allow as many as want to attend to do so.  Friday 6th May at Botcheston village Hall, 17.00 – 19.00, Saturday 7th May St Martins Church Centre 10.30 – 14.30  and  Tues 10th May at Desford Library 16.00 – 20.00.

Posters are ready to go up and flyers are designed, just awaiting on the green light for the expense from the PC at their next meeting.   A flyer is to go to each house, business and farm in the Parish wherever possible. Pat has a list of all businesses and groups in the parish to email a copy to.  Helen said she couldn’t confirm the business names and addresses, but if Pat lets her have a copy of the list she will cross check to the councils list.  If the council hold more details, we can supply the council with the information for them to send out on our behalf, they cannot supply us with details under the data protection rules.   Leaflets need to go out w/c 25 April and help is needed for this.  The old saying many hands make light work!     John from RCC will help with the display needed for the consultation events, but if anyone has any photos that can help please supply them.      Helen asked if there is a questionnaire to be completed, but at this stage Pat said no just feedback, any questions and the public’s views/issues at this time.  Dave suggested an email address be added to the leaflets for any questions.   Bernard is to contact the Leicester Mercury and the Hinckley times re the leaflet drop.


  1. Helen explained the maps that she gave the link to, (copies of the map sent out before the meeting electronically to all), HBBC monitor how many dwellings have been built since 2009 to ensure they meet the minimum requirement. The highlighted areas on the maps show where people have shown an interest for possible building on their land.  3 main items are considered – Suitable, available and developable.  All villages have a village settlement boundary and development is not allowed outside of this if not sustainable. Helen agreed to send a link to the group so people can check details on these maps.   If we want HBBC to write to the landowners on these maps to let Helen know.

A question was raised about light industry – is this something that would be approved? Answer was if there is a need then would have to be allocated, sites have to be assessed for employment and dwellings.   Once planning has been completed the highlighting is removed from the area on the map.

Helen was asked about access / traffic consideration, she said access is reviewed initially and as to be tested before planning is considered.   It was pointed out that by having a NDP it gives a village a good strong point for focusing development and not a free for all for the builders.

HBBC can help with questionnaires etc. should the help be needed,  ie, the population growth and housing growth for the area can be supplied if required.   Based on the 2014 projections 450 homes per year are currently required to meet the HBBC area requirements.  Bern suggested that a need for housing survey will be required by professionals later this year.  After giving us all the information Helen advised us that she starts her maternity leave at the end of May but Andy Killip will cover until she returns next year.


  1. Desford Carnival: The NDP are to have a stand at the carnival with the full display again, just to encourage more people to have their say.


  1. Next Steps: A group is needed to collate replies received from the initial consultations so that a suitable questionnaire can be drafted.   Bernard and Pat to do this with Dave and Jim.

Helen suggested that if people didn’t want to give their names and addresses, but give their feedback anonymously at the initial consultations perhaps a pinboard idea might be useful; all they have to do is put a pin on the map provided to show which area of the parish they live in.


  1. AOB: Darren asked Pat if meetings of sub groups required true minutes keeping, Pat is going to investigate this.

Helen at HBBC to be included in the minutes of all meetings.

Pat and Ray Barnes have sent their apologies but wish to resign from the committee due to other commitments, but will assist with leaftlet dropping etc where they can.


  1. Next meeting: 6 June 2016 at 7.30pm at Desford Library.  Kaye asked for her apologies to be accepted now for this as she will be on holiday.


I confirm this is a true record of the above meeting:

Signed…………………………………………………………………….   Name……………………………………………… Date…………………………













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