Neighbourhood Development Plan Working Group Meeting 7.30pm Desford Library 27 September 2016

Neighbourhood Development Plan Working Group Meeting

7.30pm Desford Library 27 September 2016


In attendance: Martyn Randle, Darren Tilley, Paul Angelinetta, Pat Crane, David Crocker, Bernard Grimshaw, Jim Houghton, Scott Wakefield, Kaye Johnson, Ewan Lindsay, Malcolm Peel, Judy Sharpe, Kay Smith,



  1. Martyn welcomed all to the meeting and asked for the apologies:

Apologies given from:  Terry Satchwell, Joe Scarratt, John Preston, Janet & Derek Ireland, Lyn Dearling, Adrian Dickinson, Ena & Tom Kirkman, Linda Mitchell, Julie Peel.


Martyn said that on the whole we are doing well but might not quite meet all the targets we have set.  He confirmed that Linda has sent a press release to the Graphic for their October edition explaining to all about the forthcoming questionnaire. Martyn also confirmed that the focus groups are all up and running and he has sent out a draft template for the groups to consider using.  After discussion it was agreed that the template will be used AFTER the questionnaire results have been collated.


  1. The minutes of the last meeting were discussed and approved as a true copy, and signed by Martyn.


  1. There were no matters arising.


  1. Treasurer’s report: Darren said nothing had been spent since the last meeting so the balance still remained the same.  The Parish Council had put £5 000 in the budget for last year and £5 000 for this year.  Darren did remind the group that the locality grant should be considered and applied for, for large funding expense rather than using our own budget.


  1. Communication officers report: Bernard apologised, but with holidays and a family funeral    since the last meeting, he had sent out the latest edition of the Project Plan, but there really was nothing for him to report back on this time


  1. Bernard did confirm that he and Colin Crane are still looking to get the quotes in for the web page site now that they have a criteria specification for all 3 companies to quote on a ‘like for like’ basis. It was agreed that the website does need to be live before the questionnaire goes out to the residents.


  1. Focus Groups: The minutes from focus groups meetings that have been held since our last WG meeting were discussed.  The next meetings for them are:

HHH  – 15th October

T&T  – TBA

E,F,OS,R,RE – 10TH October

F,S,E,E,  –  12TH October

Co – ord – 26th October

Can the notes from these meetings please be sent to the secretary (Kaye) to be included with the agenda email for the next meeting?

Once all the questions have been agreed within the actual focus groups, they need to be sent to the Co-ordination group to check through them and come up with the final list.


  1. The system to be used to raise the questionnaire was debated, Pat has emailed out 4 questionnaires used by other villages to hopefully help us with ours. It was suggested that more press releases be issued as to why to complete the questionnaire and Scott offered to assist Linda with this.


  1. AOB – only one issue raised by Kaye. She advised that the names on the attendance list who neither attend nor offer apologies have now been asked twice if they still wish to be included and no one has actually confirmed either way.  The question being do we still need to include these residents on the email listing?  Yes was the answer and after discussion as to if it should just be the minutes or everything, it was agreed to just keep sending everything out.


  1. Next meeting to be held on November 22 at Desford Library, but Note the starting time for this one to be 8pm.


Meeting closed 8.21pm.



I confirm these are a true copy of the minutes for this meeting………………………………..


Date ………………………………………





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