Neighbourhood Development Plan Working Group Meeting 7.30pm Desford Library 8 March 2017

Neighbourhood Development Plan Working Group Meeting

7.30pm Desford Library 8 March 2017


In attendance: Bernard Grimshaw, David Crocker, Jim Houghton, Judy Sharpe, Kaye Johnson, Linda Mitchell, Martyn Randle, Pat Crane, Colin Crane,  Darren Tilley, Paul Angelinetta .


Apologies:   Helen Nightingale, John Preston, Scott Wakefield, Janet Ireland, Derek Ireland.


  1. Welcome & Chairman’s report: Martyn Randle in Chair welcomed all attendees. Martyn advised the full group that there had been a co-ordinators meeting to discuss the consultants and a vote taken to recommend ‘Your Locale’ to the PC, but this to be discussed as agenda item 10


  1. Minutes of the last meeting: These were approved as correct and signed by the chair.


  1. Matters arising: None


  1. Treasurers Report: Darren had circulated a copy of the current situation on a spreadsheet with the agenda. This showed the main costs currently being the questionnaire and items relating to this. There is currently £7755.14 left of the PC money in the budget and the grant monies still to be applied for; again a copy of the Locality grant application had been forwarded with the agenda before the meeting. Darren explained how the form had been completed and Bernard is to supply a copy of the Project Plan to accompany the grant application.


  1. Communication Officers report: Bernard offered his thanks for the wonderful item in the Graphic magazine relating to the questionnaire to be sent out. Bernard and Pat are to attend a Landscape seminar/workshop at the HBBC as this will be relevant for the final report.


  1. Questionnaire Circular: The leaflet has already gone out with this month’s Graphic magazine. Posters are to be put up on relevant notice boards and local shops, including the notice board in the relevant area of Kirby Muxloe that falls within the Desford Parish.


  1. Delivery and Collection of Questionnaire:

Delivery: The majority of these will be delivered by the Graphic, but the balance needs to be delivered by volunteers or by post.  Martyn has drawn up a matrix of all properties that can be used to confirm delivery, collection and or Library /MFC return.

Collections: Martyn and Pat to liaise and email out lists to all collecting. Collections to be week commencing 27th March at suitable times.  It was suggested that collectors should have badges to use as ID.  20 name tags are to be ordered with the Desford Vision Logo, leaving space for names to be added as needed.  Once questionnaires are collected, the completed matrix to be emailed to Martyn.


  1. Not at home slips: These are to be A6 size and it was agreed 500 to be ordered.


  1. Website update: Jim gave his thanks for all contributions supplied and said that CFS had done a very good job, CFS had been very responsive and had now got the site to a stage of completion and live on the www. Jim asked if anyone had not checked the site to please do so and send him any further suggestions. Jim is to be given editing rights and also access to the analytics of the page.  Colin agreed to take on the editing rights as well, just as back up to Jim.   Kaye asked if the web page could now be linked on Facebook, Yes and also Jim is emailing other groups if they will link our page as well. The website address can now also be put in the Graphic.   Thanks were given to Jim for his work on the site.


  1. Planning Consultants: The co-ordinators group had met and although 3 companies had been asked to tender, only 2 had supplied quotes.  The co-ordinators meeting had chosen ‘Your Locale’. Bernard thanked all for their communications and completed matrix to help in the choice, he then went onto to briefly explain why the co-ordinators meeting had chosen that particular one. Bernard did point out that the recommendation to the PC will be with a rider that ‘Your Locale’ to provide a more structured plan, including perhaps a suggestion of coming to the April meeting.  This was approved by Darren and seconded by Colin.


  1. Co-operation with Newbold Verdon and Barlestone: NV started after us but are progressing quickly.  They requested a joint meeting to discuss the plan in more detail. Roger King being the Chair of NV.  Barlestone have only just started with their NDP with Cathie Watkins being the Chair. It was suggested that Barlestone be given time to move on a little further and then arrange a meeting.  It was proposed that we form a liaison with NV and Barlestone, proposed by Darren and seconded by Bernard.


  1. AOB: IF we get any of the green housing questionnaires returned to the collectors, they are to be accepted (provided they are in the sealed envelope provided) and passed to Bernard who will arrange delivery to Coalville.

Kaye reminded Martyn that she won’t be here to do the preparation for the next meeting and that he had agreed to do the agenda. Martyn asked the group to please send agenda items to him.

Pat and Bernard will be attending the next quarterly network meeting at LCC and will report back.



Meeting Closed 8.45pm.



I confirm these are a true copy of the meeting:


Signed……………………………….   Name……………………………  Date……………………

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