Neighbourhood Development Plan Working Group Meeting 8.00 pm Desford Library 9 May 2017

Neighbourhood Development Plan Working Group Meeting

8.00 pm Desford Library 9 May 2017



In attendance: Bernard Grimshaw, Darren Tilley, David Crocker, Judy Sharpe, Jim Houghton, Kay Smith, Kaye Johnson, Linda Mitchell, Martyn Randle, Pat Crane, Colin Crane, Scott Wakefield.


Apologies:  Sam Hatfield, Paul Angelinetta, John Preston, Janet Ireland, Derek Ireland.


  1. Welcome, apologies & Chair’s report:

Martyn in chair welcomed all who were there.  Names of people who had sent apologies were read out.  Martyn gave his report which was discussed by the group.


  1. Minutes of last meeting:

These were approved as correct and signed accordingly by Martyn.


  1. Matters arising:



  1. Treasurers report:

Darren explained he had not sent out information simply because there was no change in the figures, with no income or expenses since the last meeting.

Darren explained that we had applied for the full grant of £9000, but we have only been awarded £4500 which will cover the first three stages we need money for.  This has to be used within 6 months of receipt.   We can still apply again for additional monies once we know the actual costs involved.  Apparently it is normal practice to apply more than once, but £9000 is the maximum we can claim as the group.  Bernard said he and Pat had just come from a meeting at County Hall; DCLG funding is available, £9k from locality and there is no indication of this being terminated.  Other sources of grants are also available.


  1. Communication Officers report:

Bernard has taken up two references for “Your Locale”, both of which came back with very positive results. Bern has put a question to Gary and subject to the answer, the contract should be ready for the Clerk to sign, to formally assign “Your Locale” as the NDPWG consultants.  Gary has advised there will be a need for an issue of governance: All non PC members of the working group will be asked to sign up to the code of conduct and Declaration of Interests as if we are Parish Council members.


It was mentioned that we need a relaunch of the village community spirit to assist with the volume of ongoing work required for this project.  Suggestions put forward were:

Perhaps wait for the questionnaire report and have another open session?

Highlight the top 4 items raised from the questionnaires and arrange an open meeting?

Put item in the graphic and on notice boards asking for new members?

Put leaflets in local shops trying to make people aware how important this project is for the village?


Bernard went on to say that good news had come from his and Pat’s meeting at County Hall.  HEDNA is designed to plan up to 2036 and happily HBBC figures do not vary much to the current local plan.


  1. Questionnaire response and inputting update:

To date there has been 587 questionnaires inputted, with approx. 23 left to go on, so a very good response from the parishioners.  A question was raised asking if any of our forms had been returned with the green survey to Richard Mugglestone,  yes they had but have been passed back to us, just as we have forwarded any green returns.   Once the results have been obtained from

John Preston, we will have a meeting with Richard Mugglestone to discuss the housing section results from our survey.


  1. Report on meeting with Gary Kirk (10 April)


IT was an excellent meeting, with questions and answers being fed back to the PC. Gary did suggest that we reduce the focus groups to 3: Housing, The Natural & Historic Environment and Community Facilities, Employment & Transport.  The minutes taken at this meeting by Pat were then discussed.

Bernard is to send a copy of Pat’s notes to GK.

It was asked how much co-operation the group can expect from County regarding traffic data.   The PC have asked Neovia if the company they use will do a traffic survey, sadly Neovia came back with their company did not want to do it.  Therefore the PC are to be asked to consider a survey of their own on Dans Lane, Peckleton Lane and the village Centre.


  1. Report from 3 villages meeting (2 May)

At the meeting it was advised that the NV survey showed demand for 60 affordable housing – with info already gleaned from our questionnaires we don’t think that volume will be required here.

It was agreed that all 3 villages will exchange necessary information and keep each other informed.

The next meeting for this group will be in August.

Barlestone are still at the primary stage of setting up the group and Newbold Verdon are at a similar stage to ourselves.  Notes were taken by Pat at the meeting and briefly discussed.


  1. Website:

The main issue here is no one is viewing the site.  It was agreed that all correspondence from the working group members in future will include the logo and the web site address.  (Including email correspondence).

Scott suggested that all official emails should be in the same font/ size and have the logo and web site address to look professional.  This was agreed and Jim is to ask Craig if he can set this up for us.  It was noted that as communications officer most official emails are sent by Bernard.

Kaye was asked by Jim to upload the minutes to the website and has had training by CFS to do this, however she mentioned that she was not doing well with this but would persevere,  however does not want to be involved in the uploading of the Agenda and Chairman’s report (which the Chair also wants putting on the site).   Jim agreed to do these if Kaye could forward details to him.


  1. Actions:

Martyn said that we need to relaunch the group and we need to ask:

How do we do it?

What format do we take?


It was suggested, flyers, emails, facebook, twitter website etc…


The basic data from JP should be available within 3-4 weeks from the finalisation of inputting, but the forms are still trickling in!


After a long discussion it was decided to save on Grant monies and not ask Your Locale to assist at this stage, only with guidance if required, but to form a team and organise a re-launch ourselves.

Pat will ask JP if they have a blue print to assist with this meeting.


  1. Working group needed – All in attendance agreed to help.
  2. See what John Preston can help with
  3. Presentation to be put out at an open meeting at SID. Scott to organise and present this.
  4. Piggy back on another event or Stand alone? Stand-alone agreed unless JP advises otherwise.
  5. July date to be organised for the event at the next meeting – Event to be a BBQ on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.
  6. We still need to plan and organise now even though we don’t have a date yet.


  1. AOB

Just a reminder from Jim to use logo and web site address on all correspondence.


  1. Next meeting

Thursday 1st June 7pm in Desford Library to cover main meeting and the relaunch requirements.


Meeting closed 9.41pm.



I confirm this is a true record of this meeting:………………………………………………………..


Name……………………………………….   Date……………………………………









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