DNP Working Group minutes 23rd September 2019

2.30 pm Desford Church Centre


In Attendance: Bernard Grimshaw, Colin Crane, David Crocker, Gary Kirk, Jim Houghton, Judy Sharpe, Pat Crane, Martyn Randle¸ Terry Robinson, Scott Wakefield


Apologies: Andrew Norton


  1. Welcome: Martyn welcomed everyone to the meeting and invited Terry to introduce himself. Martyn asked for apologies to be listed.


  1. Minutes of last meeting / matters arising:

The minutes were approved as a true record and signed by Martyn. There were no matters arising.


  1. Declaration of Interest:

Bernard declared an interest as his property was on the Local Heritage List.


  1. Chairman’s Report:

Martyn said that he had written to Ewan Lindsay and had invited him to reconsider his position and to re-join the DNPWG. Ewan had replied stating that he appreciated the letter but felt that there was a conflict of interest and his position was unchanged.


  1. Treasurer’s Report:

Bernard said that there was no change since the previous meeting.


  1. Communication Officer’s Report:

Bernard stated that the Communication Officer’s Report would be covered in items 7 and 8.


  1. Discussion of SEA Report:
  2. Actions needed to finalise DNP:

It was agreed to combine these 2 agenda items.

Bernard said that he had not heard anything from Ian McClusky since he had sent the amendments to the SEA.

David asked whether there had been any further conversations with AECOM.

Bernard said no, however he had done some research and that he had circulated some notes. He also commented that he had found a very helpful document on the South Cambridgeshire council website. He thought it might be helpful to ask Nik Green, who is in charge of NP for the county, to speak to the county lawyers about this.

Colin said that this would be helpful and it was proposed Bernard should do this. All agreed. Action-Bernard

David stated that he was still waiting for some SSA updates from Derek (Your Locale).

Gary apologised and said that he would contact Derek to try and sort this but he himself had had been on holiday and Derek had extenuating family circumstances.  Gary spoke to Derek on the phone and confirmed that there were 2 SSAs, including Jelson’s, that have submitted detailed responses which need to be incorporated. However the Jelson SSA location map is not exactly the same as the original HBBC map, as it is a smaller area. It was agreed that urgent clarification was needed, as to which map was correct, and which map had been used for the SSA. It was agreed to ask Pat to ask Emily at Avison Young, representing Jelson, to email a copy of their map. Action –Pat

Bernard stated that an updated version of the map would need to be sent to HBBC.

Pat reminded the group that the SSAs could not be put on the website until these are finalised.

Bernard stated that it was very important to check that the SSA reference numbers match up with those on the plan. He also added that the SSAs need to be available on the website for the start of the consultation period and ideally this should be done before.

Jim commented that there were technical issues with the uploading of these documents to the Desford Vision website due to their large size. He also stated that there were now 2 sets of conflicting documents on the Desford Vision website.

Colin reminded the group that at the previous meeting it had been agreed that the consultation documents were only to be on the DPC website and that links to these would be provided on the Desford Vision website and DPC and DNP facebook pages. Bernard asked who would upload the documents to the DPC website. Colin commented that Jenny Crane had done this previously and he would ask if she was willing to do this again.Action -Colin.

David agreed to liaise with Derek as necessary to obtain the final versions of the 2 SSAs referred to above.

Scott reminded the group that there was a need to get the DNP finalised as soon as possible. It was a priority to get the correct documents onto the DPC website and to provide links to these.

Colin said that this does not affect the SEA but does affect other things.

Discussion of the SEA recommendations took place.

Gary stated that the changes recommended by the SEA were innocuous and do not have a significant impact. There was no mention in the report of the Botcheston Bog SSSI. In his view this supports the need for a reduced level of consultation, rather than a repeat of the Regulation 14 consultation as HBBC have suggested.

The responses to the SEA were discussed and agreed by the DNPWG. Gary offered to send a written version of this by email the following day. Action- Gary

Bernard asked about sending AECOM our responses to the SEA. Gary suggested writing a response to AECOM thanking Ian McClusky and sending the responses based on the above discussion. Gary said that he would provide some wording for the responses, but that this, if agreed, would need to be sent by the DNPWG to AECOM and copied to HBBC. Bernard stated that AECOM have not yet sent through the SEA final report. Gary repeated that the DNPWG do not have to do another Regulation 14 consultation but there does have to be a consultation for an appropriate length of time, and all the appropriate authorities have to be informed. HBBC still think that a Regulation 14 consultation is needed and have also told Newbold Verdon NP group this; although they have given no indication as to why it is needed. Gary stated that what the local planning authority say is important and that HBBC have indicated that they will write to the examiner stating that they had recommended a Regulation 14 consultation, and this had been ignored. Gary said that Newbold Verdon PC had agreed not to do a further Regulation 14 consultation on their NP,and that if HBBC write to their examiner on this matter, he will also write to the examiner on behalf of Newbold Verdon NPWG explaining their decision.

Colin noted that since the borough elections in May 2019 the political composition of the council had changed.

Colin agreed to contact the borough councillors and Newbold Verdon PC on this matter and Bernard volunteered to contact Newbold Verdon NPWG and to ask who they had consulted with and for how long. Action-Colin and Bernard

Actions needed to finalise DNP

Gary stated that there have been changes in legislation since the last version of the DNP.  This will need to be acknowledged in the DNP. The recommendations of the SEA report will need to be incorporated. Bernard has provided new narrative for the housing section and this will be added.  However Gary noted it was important not to change too much. Gary said that the consultation statement will need to be revised and that the basic condition statement will need to be sent to HBBC for their comments. Actions –Gary

Bernard agreed to draw up a timetable about the consultation but will need help with the addresses. Bernard also agreed to write a draft for the Graphic Action-Bernard


  1. Web page/ Twitter/ Spotted Desford:

Jim reported that the front page of the website was 6 months out of date and he needed help to update this. Suggestions were provided and it was agreed that this would be done. Action-Jim. He also said that the minutes had been uploaded to the website and asked that Judy check they were all there. Action –Judy


  1. AOB:

Letter to other parishes about interactions with HBBC

Bernard had written the letter and circulated the responses. Pat stated that there had been mixed views from the other PCs. Gary stated that any action would be counterproductive if not all PCs are agreeing. However there may be changes in the relationship between DPC/ DNPWG and HBBC after the changes in the council make up following May’s elections. It was agreed that nothing further would be done on this matter at the moment.

CERDA planning refusal appeal

Terry stated that he had spoken against the CERDA planning application at the HBBC planning committee meeting and had agreed to present the DPC case at the planning refusal appeal.

He noted that a meeting had taken place on 20.9.2019 at HBBC at which this matter had been discussed. Scott and Terry had met with Sharron Wilkinson and Rhiannon Hill. Notes from this meeting had been circulated and a sample Statement of Case had been provided by HBBC.

Scott outlined the timetable for the appeal. By the 3rd October a Statement of Case will have to be provided by DPC and HBBC.

There will be a conference call with the planning inspector on the 17th October.  Bernard provisionally agreed to help Terry with this. The evidence has to be submitted 4 weeks before the appeal hearing date (30th October). The appeal will take place on the 27th/28th/29th November 2019.

HBBC will have a barrister representing them as will CERDA. The HBBC barrister will not cross examine us but the CERDA barrister will.

Actual evidence needs to be provided to back up what is being said. However local knowledge and impact on the nature of the village can be included.  The hearing will need to be focussed on the areas of disagreement. The planning inspector can be invited to visit the village and the DPC can ask for this to be done at a specific time.

Scott stated that Terry will need support at the appeal and back up on the telephone conference.

Colin stated that he had been advised that anyone who wishes to speak at the appeal can do so, if they register on the first day of the appeal before 10am. He also stated that he hoped to register then so that he would be entitled to speak.  He was reminded that it was possible to register earlier than this but there was a cut-off date for doing so (3rd October?).

Scott stated that HBBC’s refusal of planning permission had been based around landscaping and also that the site was outside the settlement boundary.

Gary reminded the group that until the DNP has been submitted to HBBC it carries no weight. However evidence gathered for the DNP can be submitted. He also noted that NPs are not against all development but that they want to help shape future development.

Scott stated that Terry will provide the Statement of Case for the appeal and that this will be shared, and agreed with, the DPC planning committee. Terry offered to send a draft Statement of Case by the evening of 24.9.2019 and asked Judy to circulate it to the DNPWG. This was agreed. Action-Terry and Judy. A timeline will need to be provided of the DNP’s progress. Bernard agreed to help with this. Action- Bernard

Scott noted that a range of evidence needed to be gathered and help would be needed in doing this. For example: population growth in the past 5 years (pre and post Bellway development) and any extra services that the village has had during this time.  He noted that there had been no growth in the capacity of the schools or doctors.  Judy asked whether the DPC planning committee would have records showing the properties that have been built during this time. Pat stated that there would be minutes available of these meetings but that this information may be easier to access via HBBC.

Colin stated that there was current planning approval within Desford Parish for 97 new properties-80 on the Barns Way site, 13 adjoining Kirby Muxloe and 4 windfall within Desford village.

Martyn asked about whether there are any sanitation issues within the village. Pat responded that Severn Trent state that there are none.

Colin wondered whether DPC should pay for expert advice.  Scott reminded the group that expert witnesses need to be named in advance.

Terry stated that CERDA’s Statement of Case could be found by searching on HBBC’s planning portal website. Ref: 18/01252/OUT

It was asked whether it would be possible to submit the DNP to HBBC before the appeal.  The group were reminded that the SEA consultation needs to take place and the DNP approved by DPC before it could be submitted.

Martyn said that Desford is a key rural centre and therefore a magnet for developers.

Judy asked whether there was any way of publicising the appeal, and ask for the help needed besides social media. It was agreed to use the village noticeboards and A boards. A poster would be created and an email address provided for people to respond to. There would also be a box in the library for written replies. Action- Scott

One way system consultation

Colin said that a leaflet had been circulated to households within Desford village about the possible implementation of a one way system. The suggested one way roads are to help with traffic congestion and HGVs ignoring weight restriction signs. This was being done on behalf of the DPC and any comments needed to be sent in writing, or emailed to DPC, by 31.10.2019.

  1. Date of next meeting:

The date of the next meeting is Tuesday 15th October at 4.30 pm in Desford Library


A provisional follow up meeting date of Tuesday 29th October at 4.30pm has also been suggested, provided that the SEA consultation is completed and the comments have been received.


Meeting closed 4.55pm.


I confirm this is a true record of the meeting:


Signed……………………………………………………………..   Name……………………………………………………………




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