DNP Working Group minutes 15th October 2019

4.30 pm Desford Library


In Attendance: Bernard Grimshaw, Colin Crane, David Crocker, Judy Sharpe, Pat Crane (chair), Terry Robinson, Scott Wakefield


Apologies: Andrew Norton, Gary Kirk, Jim Houghton, Martyn Randle¸


  1. Welcome: Pat welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked for apologies to be listed.


  1. Minutes of last meeting / matters arising:

The minutes were approved as a true record and signed by Pat. There were no matters arising.


  1. Declaration of Interest:

Bernard declared an interest as his property was on the Local Heritage List.


  1. Chairman’s Report:

There was no Chairman’s report.


  1. Treasurer’s Report:

Bernard said that he had received an invoice for £1800 from Your Locale, for updating of policies and the finalisation of the submission of DNP. Bernard stated that he would pass this for payment to the PC clerk.


  1. Communication Officer’s Report:

Bernard said that he had emailed his report to the group on the 14.10.19.

He stated that had not emailed Nic Green at LCC yet, but that he would now do so.

Bernard reported that he had, had extensive correspondence with HBBC. HBBC and he now agree that it is Regulation 13 of the 2004 regulations which sets the consultation process, because the timing meant that it could not be combined  with the Regulation 14 (2012 regulations). He also thought that if the DNPWG duplicate the Regulation 14 process, there is little chance of legal challenge. HBBC have said that they are not unhappy with a three week consultation period.


  1. Update on SEA Report, consultation arrangements:

Bernard stated that all interested parties need to be informed of the consultation before it begins. These include the 4 statutory consultees, land owners and developers and any council that borders Desford Parish. (These are Kirby Muxloe,  Ratby, Bagworth and Thornton, Newbold Verdon, Peckleton and Leicester Forest East PCs and Blaby and Hinckley and Bosworth District Councils.) The letter giving notice of the consultation needs to be signed by the PC clerk.  Bernard said that he didn’t know all of the addresses for these. This was discussed and it was agreed to ask HBBC to circulate the information to those that the DNPWG did not know. It was also noted that a laminated copy publicising the consultation could be placed on a site, if the addressee could not be found. Pat agreed to find the letter from the previous consultation and amend as necessary. Action- Bernard and Pat

Pat thanked Bernard for all his hard work.

The poster publicising the consultation was then discussed. Bernard had drawn up the original poster and Pat had amended it to fit an A4 size. It was agreed to alter the wording to state that the documents could be viewed in Desford Library during normal opening hours. Action –Pat.  Scott asked whether it should include the opening hours of the library. It was agreed that this was not needed.  Judy asked how many copies of the document would be needed. It was agreed that there would be one paper copy each of the DNP, the appendices and the SEA report available. The public would also be directed to the DPC website via the poster on the parish noticeboards and a link on the Desford Vision website, and the DNPWG and DPC facebook pages.  Colin to ask Jenny Crane to upload the documents (latest version of DNP, appendices which also includes SSAs, and SEA report) to the DPC website and to ask Lisa to put a link on the DPC facebook page.  Judy to ask Jim to put a link on the Desford Vision website, and Kaye to put a link on the DNPWG facebook page.  Wording from the first part of paragraph 4 of the poster is to be used. The DPC website would also need a comments form for responses. These would be sent to the DPC clerk. Action- Colin and Judy

A consultation period of Friday the 1st to Saturday the 23rd November 2019 was agreed upon. Judy would be available in the library to answer questions on Saturdays 2nd and 16th November, Colin on the 9th and Bernard on the 23rd. Action-Judy, Colin and Bernard. A comments form and box for responses would need to be provided. It was agreed to amend the previous form.

Action- Pat and Bernard

Bernard asked what happened to the comments at the end of the consultation process. Pat said that she would ask John Preston or Jhanvi at the RCC if they would be willing to collate these. Action-Pat

David offered to contact Derek and Gary that evening, giving the proposed date of the consultation and ask them to clarify the site numbers of the SSAs as there had been some confusion over this. Action- David

Pat suggested that the land owners / developers who had made comments in the previous consultations should be contacted now as a matter of courtesy. Action-Pat

Bernard stated that the final draft of the SEA had not yet been received. However he would inform Ian McClusky of the proposed consultation dates. Action –Bernard

Scott asked who had funded the SEA. Colin stated that it was funded by Locality.


  1. Actions needed to finalise DNP:

This had been covered under item 7.


  1. Update on CERDA planning refusal appeal

It was agreed that this was sensitive information and should be recorded separately.


  1. Web page/ Twitter/ Spotted Desford:

Jim had emailed to say that the DNPWG minutes from December 2015 to the present were on the Desford Vision website. There are 39 sets of minutes. Thanks were expressed to Jim for his work on this.


  1. AOB:

There were no AOB items.

  1. Date of next meeting:

The date of the next meeting is Thursday 21st November at 4.30 pm in the Church Centre to focus on the consultation and the CERDA appeal.


A provisional follow up meeting date of Tuesday 3rd December at 4.30pm in Desford library has also been suggested, to discuss the comments received following the consultation.


Meeting closed 6.05pm.


I confirm this is a true record of the meeting:


Signed……………………………………………………………..   Name……………………………………………………………




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