Crib sheet for making a presentation to the inspector

  1. Prepare your version of the proposed letter, or your own letter, with your name, address, signature and date and save it as your own version
  2. Load the inspectorate’s website:
  3. When invited to Login, if you haven’t used the site previously, this will be refused and you will be advised to Register instead
  4. Fill out he registration form with your personal details
  5. Go to your email inbox and click on the confirming email to complete your registration
  6. On the home page choose the option ‘Search for a case/submit representation’ on the right hand side
  7. The case reference is APP/K2420/W/20/3261386, but you only place the last 7 digits into the box offered: i.e.: 3261386 (experience shows that this needs to be entered manually, not copied)
  8. Identify yourself as ‘an interested party’
  9. Upload your letter or, if you prefer, copy and paste or type your content into the relevant box
  10. This is then confirmed with ‘processing’ taking around 1 minute.
  11. Alternatively, you can email your representation to, but make sure you include the Appeal reference and Location in your email subject header, together with your name, address, date and signature in the document.

 See a possible letter of representation here

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