APPEAL REFERENCE:    APP/K2420/W/20/3261386


“The Davidsons Proposed Development”





I believe our Desford Parish Neighbourhood Plan (DPNP) is a highly important consideration in this appeal.  An Independent Examiner has commended it, back in October 2020. I would   have supported it at a Referendum if COVD19 had not stopped that happening.

The Local Planning Authority asked the DPNP to allocate sites for a net 93 new houses from 2016 to 2036:  The DPNP actually provides for 160 new builds up front (Dukes Field and the Peckleton Lane site) and an allowance for opportunity sites. and undertakes to rapidly review the Plan if the new Local Plan (LPA to be produced by Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council), due in 2022, requires more allocations in Desford.  The LPA can now demonstrate a 5 year land supply for the borough as a whole, and the DPNP contains a forward supply for the area of the parish far in excess of that. In my view, the existence of a 5 year land supply (longer at Parish level) plus a virtually made Neighbourhood Plan should have priority over an opportunistic proposal like the Appeal development, noted above.

Despite the reservations of Desford Parish Council (DPC) and residents, the Independent Examiner included the Appeal Site as one of two “Reserve Sites” in his proposed modification adopted by DPC. I believe that the appeal proposal is in direct conflict with the modification proposed by an Independent Examiner, negates the whole concept of “Reserve Sites” and is therefore premature. Development in Desford in general and to the west of the village in particular has huge problems, and the site should be assessed against needs and opportunities within the Borough as a whole before any more is approved.

160 units – already allocated – is a lot for a village our size: 120 more for this Davidsons proposal plus possibly 60 more at Jelsons is TOO MUCH ALL AT ONCE!! 


The Davidsons appeal site is unsustainable for traffic and landscape reasons. Development to the West of the village centre, with its historic buildings lining the narrow streets is unsustainable without removing through traffic from the centre. The proposed access for the development means all traffic will have to enter and leave via the narrow and antiquated road layout before reaching a main road. The construction traffic alone will be overridingly detrimental to residents and visitors to the nearby school and recreation ground.


I believe the appeal proposal must be considered as part of the Local Plan review process, due to complete in 2022: to approve it now will rob parishioners of their democratic right to contribute to the debate on strategic options suggested in the LPA’s own consultation document for the LP review.


This planning application has already been refused on 3 separate occasions generating, I understand, over 200 objections from local residents with only one supportive comment, in this ongoing process.


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See a crib sheet on how to make a representation to the Planning Inspector here

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