Get Involved

What is it?

Neighbourhood planning is a new way for communities to have a say in the future of the places where they live and work. It gives you the power to produce a plan with real legal weight that directs development in your local area. It helps you:

  • Choose where you want new homes, shops and offices to be built
  • Have your say on what those new buildings should look like
  • Grant planning permission for the new buildings you want to see go ahead

Groups can get tailored advice, support and grants to develop their neighbourhood plans.

How can I get involved?

More than 500 neighbourhoods across the UK have already applied to be a neighbourhood planning area. They’re always looking for more people to get involved.

If a plan isn’t already being produced for your area, you can gather community interest and start your own. There are several sources of advice and support for communities interested in neighbourhood planning, including small grants of up to £7,000 for eligible groups.

The ‘My Community Rights’ website has support, advice and funding details.

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