The Government’s aim is for every area in England to have an adopted local plan. A local plan sets out local planning policies and identifies how land is used, determining what will be built where. Adopted local plans provide the framework for development across England.

Local peoples’ views are vital in shaping a local plan, helping determine how their community develops. Development should be consistent with the national planning policy framework. prove where you live

Desford Parish Council

Desford Parish Council

  • Is the qualifying body for producing a Neighbourhood Plan
  • May choose to put together a working or steering group of community representatives to assist in the process
  • Must ensure that the Neighbourhood Plan is community-led
  • Must provide opportunities to engage with ALL members of the community, representing a wide range of interests and views
  • Must coordinate the process
  • Is the body ultimately responsible for consulting on the plan and submitting it for independent examination



Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council

The Role of Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council (HBBC)

HBBC are the Local Planning Authority, with a duty to be proactive in providing information to communities preparing Neighbourhood Plans. In the case of the proposed Desford plan, they have approved the designation of the whole parish as the plan area, and appointed a link officer in their Planning Department who provides information and advice and attends meetings in Desford as appropriate.

The eventual plan must comply with the County Structure Plan and especially the Core Strategy of the HBBC Local Plan, plus the local implications of the recent County and City-wide report into Housing and Economic Development Needs (HEDNA).

HBBC has other statutory functions, such as ensuring that proper statutory consultations are carried out, e.g. with utility suppliers, and of organising an Examination in Public once the plan is submitted to them: they must then be proactive in dealing with any changes recommended by the Examiner, and when the plan is approved, organise a parish wide referendum. If the community approves the plan, HBBC will then assist Desford Parish Council to bring the plan into effect, and take it into account in deciding planning applications.

There is a wealth of relevant information on the HBBC website:- enter “HBBC planning” in your browser.

As the Desford plan progresses, relevant government, county and HHBC documents will be put in our archive or links provided.

Rural Community Council - Leicestershire and Rutland

Supporting People & Sustaining Communities

Neighbourhood Planning
The rcc offers a package of expert advice and professional support services to to assist with the development of neighbourhood plans including:

  • impartial information, advice, and guidance throughout the process
  • help with communications, marketing, and event planning
  • expert support and/or facilitation of all consultation and engagement activity
  • compiling the neighbourhood plan evidence base
  • provision of toolkits and resources to simplify and speed up the process
  • undertaking the statutory pre-submission consultation
  • producing a consultation statement
  • signposting to planning consultants and other specialists

John Preston, of the Leicestershire and Rutland Office, has advised the Desford Neighbourhood Plan Working Group on the initial public and stakeholder meetings and prepared the report on those steps and given a great deal of guidance on the project plan and wording of various documents. We hope to continue working closely with him and his office for the rest of the plan process.

Please contact us to find out more about these services.

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