Neighbourhood Development Plan Working Group Meeting

7.00 pm Desford Library  10 July 2017



In attendance: Bernard Grimshaw, Judy Sharpe, Kaye Johnson, Linda Mitchell, Pat Crane, Scott Wakefield, John Preston, Darren Tilley.


Apologies:  Sam Hatfield, David Crocker, Jim Houghton, Martyn Randle, Colin Crane,  Paul Angelinetta, Rupert Pullin, June Morris, Ewan Lindsay, Kay Smith.


  1. Welcome, apologies & Chair’s report:

All welcomed by Pat as Martyn has sent his apologies. No chairmans report.


  1. Nomination/appointment of Deputy chair:

Bernard Grimshaw and Pat Crane to share this role.


  1. Minutes of last meeting/Matters arising:

These were approved as correct and signed accordingly by Pat.  Just an amendment to number 7, It has been suggested to call the next public gathering the next stage in the process and not a relaunch.


  1. Questionnaire results:

This tonight was only the report for the data and is draft one.  Draft two will follow complete with the comments given.  This will be put into drop box by John Preston.     Bernard to supply a link to John Preston to allow him to do this. The report was discussed and each group is to review the comments relevant to their group.  Pat thanked John for the information received so far.


  1. Treasurer’s report:

We have received the locality grant of £4500, and we should receive the £100 soon from Midland Housing; however there is £100 to be paid out to the prize winners and £60 to pay out for the historic workshop course Pat and Judy attended today.   There is currently £17k in the bank, but YL is still to give their invoice which will leave us with £12k.   The availability of more locality grant

Runs out 31 December 2017, but Darren to check if this will be extended.


  1. Communications officer report:

Bernard asked if we could sign up to the OS maps for referencing, which would be a cost to the PC of £77.  Pat to check with the PC clerk what is happening re the web page the PC can already access.   HBBC will supply maps but will charge for it.  Scott suggested we ask the HBBC what they can actually supply and how much they will cost.  John will liaise with Sam Hatfield on our behalf.


  1. Code of Conduct / declaration of interest:

If we are an advisory group only we do not have to comply with statutory requirements, just a simple question at the beginning of each meeting as an agenda item will suffice. Bernard to contact Jake at LRLAC to be approached regarding this subject.


  1. Focus groups reports:

All three groups’ notes (which had been sent out with the Agenda) were discussed.


  1. September public meeting:

The necessity of the public meeting was discussed as we do not have full information yet to give out. It was agreed to publicise initial key points in the graphic and on local notice boards and postpone the public meeting until we have some concrete policies to offer.

  1. Website/facebook/twitter updates:

The web site updates were discussed.  John Preston congratulated us on our web page.

Kaye said no change on facebook other than updates put on as required.  Kay wasn’t there so no update on twitter.


  1. AOB

Bernard to assist Linda to do a more in depth item for the next Graphic magazine.

Kaye advised about the RCC course she attended last week, saying it was very informative and interesting.

Pat and Judy had been on the historic workshop course today; it was very informative but a lot of information given was on Northampton (where the course was held).

Kaye advised that she had sent out an email to names on the list who never attend and some replies had been received but not from all.  Scott advised another email simply saying as not heard assume no further contact required.


  1. Next meeting


Full WG Meeting – Tuesday 8th August 7pm start.


Meeting closed 9.04 pm.



I confirm this is a true record of this meeting:………………………………………………………..


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