DNP Working Group minutes 26 September 2017

7.30pm Desford Library
In Attendance:  Bernard Grimshaw, Darren Tilley, Gary Kirk (YL), Jim Houghton, Judy Sharpe,
June Morris, Kay Smith, Kaye Johnson, Linda Mitchell, Martyn Randle, Pat Crane, Lisa Botterill

Apologies:  Colin Crane, Paul Angelinetta, David Crocker, Scott Wakefield.

  1. Welcome:

Martyn discussed his chairman’s report which had been previously circulated to all.

  1. Minutes of last meeting / matters arising.

The minutes were discussed and approved as a true record and signed by Martyn accordingly.
There were no matters arising.

    1. Declaration of interest
    2. None.

          1. Treasurer’s Report and Invoice Procedure
          2. There is no change in the finance situation since the last meeting.  There is an invoice in from Your Locale for £2700, leaving £1800 of the grant monies.  After discussing the work required to use the remaining grant before 31 October the Group agreed to recommend to DPC
            a      That YL will submit an invoice in Mid October for further Focus Group meetings and research, with an updated template asap to support an application for grant to 31 March 2018 as per the latest extension of Locality funding
            b     that a housing site assessment should be carried out between October and March subject to grant being approved from the special Locality fund
            c      that future invoices will be submitted to the Treasurer with enough detail to tie it to the quote and he will arrange with the Clerk for DPC to pay it..

                1. Communication officers report
                2. Bernard discussed his report with the group which had been circulated to all beforehand.

                    1. To ask DPC to formally adopt our status as an Advisory Committee, as suggested by Jake at the LRAC)
                    2. An advisory group does not need its own Treasurer, however it can have a Financial Liaison Officer to assist the RFO in preparing reports, attending meetings etc.
                    3. There is an LCC networking event at County Hall on 28th November if anyone wants to attend, usually Bernard and Pat go, but others are most welcome.
                    4. Thanks was given to Pat for the map she kindly supplied giving a definitive border for the parish which showed that part of Botcheston is actually within the National Forest. It was suggested that perhaps we could try to arrange with landowners to use the grant possibilities to plant some trees within this designated area..
                    5. Bernard to approach the Kirby Muxloe PC clerk re any consultations for their aspirations etc, so as to link in the ‘Desford Enclave’. YL will liaise with HBBC at Local Plan level and ascertain more details of the strategic application expected for Blaby and part in HBBC and what the exact rules will be for housing allocations.
                    6. HBBC suggested that the current plan should be prepared on the basis of allocations for all uses, especially housing, up to 2026, with provision to review when the LPA has taken decisions on future borough-wide policies e.g. will there be new towns/villages? Will urban extensions take the majority? Will rural areas have to contribute more? These are being reviewed and consulted upon now, and decisions will take time.

                  6      YourLocale
                  Gary commented that the open spaces within Desford can be protected, we need to identify any sites being proposed and rank them in order for suitability to the village, giving us actual sites and reserved sites within the village for development.  Additional funding is available through locality should we wish to pursue this.
                  GK said that the progression of the plan is not as advanced as he had hoped for; this is NOT a criticism, merely a comment.  He is aware that Mike has not met with the Environment  Transport & Facilities group since the initial meeting, but Kay advised that was because of the amount of work left to them to do before asking him to attend again.  Kay to email Mike with the current stages and ask him to join them in a meeting next week.  GK said thinks that the 31 October is an unrealistic date to it all to come together and suggested we put the target date back by one month, this was agreed and hope that by our next full meeting the reality of the situation will be known.

                  7      YL Comments and feedback
                  Everyone agreed enjoying the work, but it is a mammoth task and could take longer than initially thought.
                  DD has the housing group pulling thoughts together, however one gap for info on infill housing. YL have a housing assessment which could give the info required.

                  8      Focus group meetings
                  Environment etc:
                  A map was produced for all to see with every field on within the parish. Each field has been numbered and put into a chart, then scored for various distinctions, ie beauty, views, interesting items etc…

                  It is important that we know who owns the field/open space and identify 6 – 8 areas that could be developed if necessary.   GK said it is good to have a narrative for each field for the examiner to see and suggested listing the open spaces separate perhaps with photos.

                  As info in now, should be able to start drafting the vision/objectives. GK said YL can help and supply standard templates for us to infill.   We should then draw from the vision key objectives to lead into the policy sections / plan.

                  Transport etc:
                  MP had given a sample document and the group has been focussing on obtaining info on amenities in the village.   GK advised the key item must be the facility rather than the actual activities within.  With doing this there had been little time to look at Transport etc.   The latest report is to be sent to MP for his comments.
                  It was suggested that a traffic survey is required and asked if the cost could be obtained as a grant, but DT suggested that because of the time involved in obtaining quotes etc (which we don’t have), use the questionnaire section for the info required.
                  We do need highways support for any reviews and suggestion was made to consider looking for evidence of what is happening in the village, ie take photos of damage to kerbs by hgvs etc.   MP is to be asked if he is free to attend their next meeting.

                  9      Website/Facebook/Twitter updates.
                  We are not getting many hits on the website,, which GK said should increase as the plan becomes established.  Twitter is no interest and Facebook has only 17 views since inception.   “Spotted Desford” to be approached to ask if they will notify our meetings and info.  PC to be asked to share our fb page and web page info on their site.

                  10   Dropbox
                  There is a lot of info  here, but Bernard will try and find the time to re-index the list so people can more easily find the relevant items to their groups.

                  11   Character Assessment
                  This is would be advantageous but is a 2 “mammoth task”. The Group suggest that DPC  should do  character assessments on potential future development sites at this stage, and include a commitment to a full assessment at the first review of the plan.

                  12   AOB

                      • to ask DPC to include June Morris, Lisa Botterill and Rupert Pullin as members of this group; proposed by BG and seconded PC.  All in agreement.
                      • The youth questionnaire needs to be re visited and Kay Smith agreed to assist Bernard Grimshaw with this.
                      • Treasurer and GK to prepare details for the next locality grant application for the DPC October meeting.

                  13 Next meeting  Tuesday 7th November 7pm Desford Library

                  I confirm a true copy of the meeting……………………………………………………..



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