DNP Working Group minutes 7th November 2017

7.00pm Desford Library

In Attendance:  Bernard Grimshaw, Darren Tilley, Gary Kirk (YL), Jim Houghton, Judy Sharpe,

June Morris, Kay Smith, Kaye Johnson, Martyn Randle, Pat Crane, Colin Crane,

David Crocker, Scott Wakefield.

Apologies:  Paul Angelinetta, Lisa Botterill, Linda Mitchell,

  1. Welcome:

Martyn thanked everyone for attending and asked for apologies to be listed.

  1. Minutes of last meeting / matters arising.

The minutes were discussed and approved as a true record and signed by Martyn accordingly.   There was one issue raised by Bernard, What is happening re the constitution of the working group.  After discussion it was agreed that Colin would discuss further with Jake and then raise the question at the full P.C.  Colin then to report back at our next full meeting.

  1. Declaration of Interest


  1. Treasurers report / grant application.

Darren advised that Bernard has updated our milestone checklist to accompany the next Locality Grant application.  The application form is completed and ready for the PC to check over, approve and submit. Copy sent via email before the meeting for all to peruse.   There is an additional grant of up to £6k for additional items including site assessments if deemed necessary.  The housing group agreed this is a good idea.

Within the timeline Gary agreed that YL aim to get the draft plan to the PC in July 2018.  Mike and John have given feedback that they are happy with their respective groups work to date.  Derek is happy with the housing group but this will take longer to finalise.

5&6 Desford vision / communication officer’s report.

Gary and Derek thought it would be useful now to start discussing the outline of the parish’s vision.  Bernard supplied a draft copy that he had been working on for the Groups consideration.   This is to be read at home and any comments please to Bernard by Friday via email.   It was, however, agreed by all that the draft copy is a very good starting point and thanks were given to Bernard.   Gary suggested we add 1 page of history on the Parish and 1 Page on the Parish today.  This is then to be referred to the PC for their comments.

Gary advised at this stage is now important that we keep references of all consultations with the neighbourhood for the examiner to see.

It was discussed at this point if we need to start putting info out on Spotted Desford – CARRY FORWARD to next agenda.

  1. FATE focus group

Although a slow start, this group is now racing ahead and has over 25 pages of info already. Various items are still being dealt with as per the attached report.  The group is collating all info and will then review before removing any unwanted items – Gary offered to help with this if required.

  1. Environmental Group

This group has now completed a physical survey of 288 fields and 30 opens spaces.  A small group has met with Paul Grundy (HBBC) and will be looking at buildings in the Parish that are thought to be of Historical value that aren’t already a listed building; especially outside of the conservation area.   Gary suggested ranking all the open spaces against a set criteria to show if protection is or isn’t required, and needs to be balanced for and against building.

8a Housing Group

Not as advanced as other groups, but more complex.  The questionnaires gave a strong feeling of no more major developments.  The group had met tonight immediately before this meeting and now have a detailed map and can see small possible development sites.

There are 18 SHELAA allocated sites, but the next stage is to call for landowners to put their ideas forward if they wish their sites to be considered.  These will then be ranked to a set criteria.  Hence the need to consider the grant for assessing sites. Advised that Locality may question if we can complete by the end of March, but Derek has given his commitment to get the work done within the specified time.   We need to establish the ownership of all land within the Parish that may be considered. Approval from the PC is required to approve this action and fund it through hopefully the said grant.

As none of the group are experts Derek’s experience at the theme group meetings is very useful.

It has been noted that there are 6 or 7 tumbled down garages within Desford and could these possible be considered for an infill of older person properties?

9.Cross referencing /Communication between groups.

Certain topics have links between the groups.  These need to be strongly considered before putting the final document together.  The Working group needs to agree what is to be submitted to the PC for their final approval. Gary suggested a 20 minute slot in next agenda to discuss the overlaps.  Each group needs to highlight what these could be before the next meeting.

  1. Web page / Twitter etc..

Two hits a day are being recorded on the Web page.  Kay said no interest in Twitter and Kaye said no interest in Facebook.  We need to consider how this can be highlighted and more interest taken.

  1. AOB

Pat reminded all that the carnival is next June and suggested we hold a stall for the villagers to see what we have been doing and where we are at, at that time.

Kaye said she wishes to stand down as secretary from next year for personal reasons.  Judy is to meet with Kaye to see what is involved and if she wants to take this on.

David reminded all that there is a joint meeting with Newbold and Barlestone next week (14th) to compare notes as to what is happening in each village.  This is to be at the Barlestone Pavilion.

  1. Next meeting

7pm 9th January 2018 – provisionally agreed to be at the Library, however CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) will be managing the Library from January.   To be advised if different venue.

Meeting closed.  8.47pm.

I confirm this is a true record of the meeting:

Signed……………………………………………………………..   Name……………………………………………………………


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