DNP Working Group minutes 13th February 2018

7.00pm Desford Library

In Attendance:  Bernard Grimshaw, David Crocker, Ewan Lindsay, Gary Kirk (YL), Jim Houghton, Judy Sharpe, Kay Smith, Martyn Randle, Pat Crane, Colin Crane, Scott Wakefield, Andrew Norton (PC)

Apologies:  Paul Angelinetta, Lisa Botterill, Darren Tilley

  1. Presentation By Your Locale

Gary gave a presentation on Planning Policy Pitfalls which Your Locale had produced.

Examples of quotes from previous plans, and the examiners responses to these, were discussed.

2 additional members of the Parish Council also attended.

  1. Welcome:

Martyn thanked everyone for attending and Gary for the informative presentation. Pat introduced Andrew Norton (Parish Councillor) who then stayed for the DNP meeting.  Martyn asked for apologies to be listed

  1. Minutes of last meeting / matters arising.

The minutes were discussed and approved as a true record and signed by Martyn accordingly.

There were some issues raised.

Martyn asked about the constitution of the working group.  Pat confirmed status of the DNPWG as a working group of the Parish Council. Martyn then asked about the need for declarations of interest. Colin said a common sense approach was needed about this.

Martyn asked if the fee for the hire of the church for the previous meeting had been paid. Pat confirmed it had.

Martyn asked if the DNPWG is on the agenda for PC meetings. Colin explained that the clerk writes the agenda for the PC, but that it is on the Planning Committee’s  agenda and can be discussed under this at PC meetings.

  1. Declaration of Interest


  1. Chairman’s Report

Martyn  explained that further to Kaye stepping down from the role of secretary she had now resigned from the group.

Kay had forwarded an invitation to Martyn to a HBBC consultation event. This was discussed more fully under AOB.

  1. Treasurers report / grant applications

Darren had emailed to give his apologies and a financial report.

He confirmed that the second Locality grant will shortly be paid into the Parish Council’s account, so this covers the next stages of work by Your Locale.  The additional grant for the housing site surveys had not yet been confirmed.

He had passed the invoice for the annual website hosting to the clerk for payment.

He noted that there had been some miscellaneous payments recently and he would check the DNPWG records against those held by the clerk prior to the end of the financial year. He hoped to do this shortly and present a summary of income and expenditure at the next meeting.

Awards for All Grant

Pat asked if there had been any progress in this application. It was agreed to ask Darren about this.

7 Desford Vision

Jim noted that there had been no updates on the website since September 2017.

He had received copies of the agendas and minutes and will try to upload these to the website.

Bernard commented that he had heard from HBBC/RCC that the Draft Vision statement had been approved. It was agreed to upload this.

8 Communication officer’s report

Bernard had circulated his report to members of the DNPWG.

He then discussed the highlighted sections and made some further comments .

1-Vision and Housing Context. Sam Hatfield also commented that there were no specific numbers or major allocation before 2026, but it would be good to build in some resilience. 454 per annum was the number for the borough as a whole, but it was likely that HBBC will have to help Leicester City fulfil their quota. Historically Desford has built on average 15 houses per year but this may need to rise to 17 per year from 2026. (Based on Desford’s population being 4,000 out of a borough population of 110,000) This means finding sites for 60-80 houses.

2-Government Consultation on National Planning Policy Framework. There is a major review coming out later this year, but a technical change will be happening soon. Gary confirmed that this should not concern NDP.

3- Consultation Leicester and Leicestershire 2050 Our Vision for Growth. Most growth will take place along A46.

4- Consultation Hinckley and Bosworth Local Plan Review. Bernard and David attended the Housing  presentation.  Copies of documents are available in the library and on Dropbox. There is a pro forma on the HBBC website for submitting views, which needs to be done before the 3rd March.

7- Overall Spatial strategy. The SW to NE of the borough is in line for growth because of the transport links.

Employment – There is already a large land area used for employment in the borough, particularly in the urban areas of Hinckley and Earl Shilton. Desford parish has 2 major employers, ie Caterpillar/ Neovia, so it was suggested that any further site for employment could be welcomed in that area. Colin pointed out that part of the Caterpillar / Neovia site is in Peckleton’s parish.

David stated that in the years 2026 to 2031 the consultation suggests that about 60 housing units would be needed. However these could be skewed towards older people- if there is an evidence base showing need. There is an older demographic in the parish. Gary stated that older people/ smaller family housing would be needed before 2026. The NDP would provide an ideal opportunity to build in a phasing programme. It was suggested that it would be a good idea to refer back to Midland Housing and their questionnaire results,

Kay queried section 7.4 of Bernard’s report. Gary explained that housing is a key element but that environmentally valuable sites can be protected by suggesting preferred locations in the NDP.

Bernard was thanked by the group for his hard work in producing the detailed and informative report.

  1. FATE focus group

Jim reported that the group had made little progress since December in writing their section.

Traffic- Colin mentioned that there would be a traffic survey discussion at the next Parish Council meeting. The traffic issues were primarily in the centre of the village and at the Dan’s Lane junction with the A47, not at the Desford cross roads junction.

Business- Martyn reported that their consultation had, had 4 responses, with another one pending, but that there did not appear to be a lot of interest; even though all retail and businesses had been contacted. Scott suggested that these could be contacted again- stating that it would be assumed that they are content with the current situation unless the group hears otherwise. Jim suggested that the group works on that assumption for now.

Gary said that the consultants had offered to help and reminded the group funding was available until the end of March.

  1. Environmental Group

Pat reported that the group had met with John on the 29th January. John had submitted an updated version of the draft chapter for the report. Queries in this had been discussed. June and Judy are taking photos of the best views and Pat is going through the local heritage list. The group still need to discuss cycle ways with Newbold Verdon Neighbourhood Plan Group.

Gary reported that John was happy things were on track. He suggested that a list of the heritage buildings be compiled for the chapter, as the details of each listing will form part of an appendix and could be completed later. He also commented that it was too premature to arrange any further consultation/ local meeting or for the draft chapter to be seen by HBBC.  Gary said that he hopes all chapters will be done in draft by mid March, so that he can then begin to work on this as a coherent document.

11 Housing Group

David reported that the housing group are making progress. They have been through the SHLAA sites and done approximately 24 with 7 still to do in the next week.  The group need to ensure that they have the HBBC updated list, resulting from consultation sent out in December, and include all sites.  They are using the matrix from Your Locale and this will give a shortlist of sites. They will then bring this list to the DNPWG meeting for discussion.  It is unlikely there will be many apart from infill and sites for older people before 2026. Housing targets for 2026-31 and 2031-2036 could be skewed towards developments for older people.

Gary reminded the group that even if a site scores red on the matrix it can still be built on. The purpose of the matrix is to rank sites ie having a few favoured sites and others in reserve. He said he was aware of progress in the process and asked about design details. David said that the design decision was to not be too prescriptive.

Pat asked if we contact land owners now or wait until draft is completed. David replied that we wait until after the closing date of March 8th when the strict criteria can be seen. It has to be an open /transparent process.

  1. Cross referencing /Communication between groups/ group leaders meeting.

Gary suggested that the 3 group leaders should meet together a week before the next DNPWG meeting. This is to avoid contradictions in the report.

  1. Local Plan Drop In Sessions

Bernard and David had attended the housing session as reported in the Communication Officer’s report.

Pat and June had attended the environment session. There were no major surprises – it appears that we are doing OK.

There are some sessions on later in February should anyone wish to attend.

  1. Web page / Twitter /Spotted Desford

No further developments.

Jim suggested that links could be put in between websites for local businesses and Desford Vision. He also reported that SID will be employing Emma Sylvester for 2 hours a week, for 13 weeks, to promote certain groups by using Twitter. Jim suggested that this could be a possible resource for the DNPWG in the future.  Bernard pointed out that there is currently no money for this. It was suggested that Darren put this in as part of an Awards for All bid- to employ someone to promote the DNP through the use of social media. Jim agreed to feedback about this and it will be put on the agenda.

  1. AOB

Kay reported on an invitation she had received from HBBC to attend a Community Sector Partnership Forum meeting at the Concordia on the 26th February from 10am -12noon. This is to gain an understanding of community transport within the borough particularly in the light of continued budget cuts. She will try to attend and report back. Jim had also received the invitation and intends to attend.

  1. Next meeting

7pm Tuesday 13th March 2018 at the library.

Meeting closed.  9.19pm.

I confirm this is a true record of the meeting:

Signed……………………………………………………………..   Name……………………………………………………………


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