DNP Working Group minutes 13th March 2018

7.00pm Desford Library

In Attendance:  Bernard Grimshaw, David Crocker, Ewan Lindsay,  Judy Sharpe, June Morris, Kay Smith, Martyn Randle, Pat Crane, Colin Crane, Scott Wakefield

Apologies:  Lisa Botterill, Gary Kirk (YL), Andrew Norton (PC), Darren Tilley

  1. Welcome:

Martyn thanked everyone for attending and asked for apologies to be listed

  1. Minutes of last meeting / matters arising.

The minutes were discussed and approved as a true record and signed by Martyn accordingly.

There were some issues raised.

Martyn asked about the constitution of the working group.  Colin confirmed that the Parish Council have no objection to considering the DNPWG as a working group. Bernard offered to circulate some Terms of Reference for the working groupfor the next meeting.

Martyn raised the financial situation of the DNPWG. This was discussed further under the Chairman’s and Financial reports later in the meeting.

  1. Declaration of Interest


  1. Chairman’s Report

Martyn stated that the balance of the Locality grant, £1,500, was due to be claimed by Your Locale on the 23rd March and asked if there was any further money.

Pat replied that the PC had set aside money for the DNP but that this was to be regarded as an emergency fund. The plan had always been to fund the DNP through grant money.  There was a need to apply for the Awards for All grant as this takes 12 weeks from submission of the application form.  It was asked if the PC money could be used as a ‘bridging loan’ until the Awards for All grant could be paid but Pat explained that this was not possible as the Awards for All grant funding was for specific listed costs and could not be used retrospectively.

Martyn stated that the application for the technical support grant had not been made. Applications for the next financial year can be made in April.

Martyn then reported on the three focus groups.

Housing is awaiting funding for the housing site assessment – this is not now able to take place until at least mid-April, they are hampered by this delay. The Environment group’s work on their chapter is quite advanced.  FATE has made good progress on the business sector but further work was needed on transport and local clubs.

In conclusion the delays in funding and outstanding work have put the time scales back. It is hoped that there will be an advanced version of the DNP draft by the beginning of May.

  1. Treasurers report / grant applications

Darren had emailed to give his apologies and a financial report.

He confirmed that the Neighbourhood Planning Grant had been received from Locality and this was the full amount available under this scheme.

The technical support grant will need to be applied for in the next financial year, ie. in April.

His advice for the Awards for All grant was to determine what additional funding will be needed before the application is made.

He stated he would be meeting with the Parish Clerk to finalise the accounts for the DNPWG for this financial year and should be able to report on this in April.

There was discussion about the items raised in the Chairman’s and Financial reports.

It was asked if any other NP groups would be able to help voluntarily during the gap in funding. Colin mentioned that Market Bosworth had gone through a successful NP with HBBC and that their plan was published. Pat added that Newbold Verdon had also been working with Your Locale and that their NP was ready for pre- submission consultation beginning on the 30thApril. There may also be other published reports that we could look at.

In light of the current financial situation it was proposed that all groups should continue working on their own, without support from Your Locale, until the Awards for All funding was available. This was agreed.

Bernard proposed that a sub group be formed to include Martyn, Darren, Gary (YL), a member of the PC, the Parish Clerk and other members of the group, as available, to fill in the details needed for the Awards for All application. Colin suggested that some of the PC funding money could be used to cover the YL expenses for this meeting. It was agreed to ask GK what his fee would be.

Action – Martyn agreed to contact Darren and circulate possible meeting dates asap.

6 Desford Vision

Bernard stated that a copy of the Draft Vision statement had been sent for uploading to the website. This also included a section asking for comments.

7 Communication officer’s report

Bernard and Pat had attended a meeting of the 3 villages group. The minutes of this have been circulated to the DNPWG. It was noted from this that Newbold Verdon had been unaware that funding was needed for the Strategic Environment Assessment (SEA). It was suggested that Desford will need to include this in the Awards for All funding bid. Newbold Verdon are hoping that their plan will be ready for referendum in late November. Barlestone  are a small group and are not as advanced as Desford.

Following Newbold Verdon’s community speed watch, LCC had also done their own traffic survey in 4 locations. These included the B582 at both ends of the village, Dragon Lane and the Heath. The results of this showed that there were approximately 50,000 vehicles using the B582 over a week and that these were within acceptable speed limits.

Bernard had circulated two documents- the National Planning Policy Framework draft text and the NPPF consultation document to the group. He had read both of these and took from them two particular points:

the need to be proactive and that there was a firm statement that if a plan is up to date (within last 5 years) and meets targets there will be a bias against approving large scale housing development . Great regard will be made of NPs. HBBC plan was approved in 2016 and Desford has met its land supply until 2026.

  1. FATE focus group

Martyn reported that the business section of their chapter was completed and the latest draft had been circulated by Jim. There was more work to be done on transport and local clubs. Colin commented that not all clubs had replied and although the group could write about them it was thought better if the clubs did these themselves.

Colin commented that Desford PC had agreed to fund a traffic survey and that there was a meeting on the 20.3.18 to discuss this. LCC will not supply data to explain why they wish to use money available from the proposed Neovia development to fund improvements to the Desford Crossroad  junction rather than in the centre of the village and at the Dan’s Lane junction with the A47.

Colin also mentioned that the PC are buying 2 mobile flashing speeding signs. These take power from an existing lamp post and several locations for siting them had been identified around the parish. They also contain data loggers which can count the numbers of speeding vehicles- but not identify them.

  1. Environmental Group

Pat reported that the group had not met with John but were continuing their work. June and Judy have sent photos of 7 of the best views to John and have 1 more to take. Pat is going through the local heritage list and is still waiting to hear from Paul Grundy The group still need to discuss footpaths.

  1. Housing Group

David reported that the housing group are waiting for the technical funding bid in April before any further progress can be made. They have a meeting with Derek on Tuesday 20th March and will ask how much more time and money will be needed then.

  1. Cross referencing /Communication between groups/ group leaders meeting.

No group leaders meeting had taken place. It was agreed that this would be postponed until the draft chapters were almost completed.

  1. Local Plan Drop In Sessions

No further drop in sessions had been attended by members of the DNPWG. HBBC had been to Desford on a Thursday morning and commented that quite a lot of people had viewed the display. Consultation had now finished and note will be taken of any comments made. Site consultations will be held next.

  1. HBBC Community Sector Partnership Feedback

Kay reported that she had been unable to attend this but will email to ask if there are any minutes of the meeting. It was agreed to ask Jim about this at the next meeting.

  1. Web page / Twitter /Spotted Desford

The report on the use of Twitter by SID is to be carried over to the next meeting.

It was suggested that consideration should be given to the possibility of employing someone to promote the DNP, through social media, as a part of an Awards for All bid.  Newbold Verdon has had a lot of hits on their social media sites; Desford a lot less.

  1. AOB

Martyn raised the issue of the day of the week that the DNPWG meet. He stated that Andrew Norton would be interested in joining the group but has regular commitments on a Tuesday. A different day may also enable Darren and others to attend.  After discussion it was agreed that the next meeting of the DNPWG would be on a Thursday.

Pat stated an invitation had been received to attend a stakeholder meeting from Bagworth & Thornton and Stanton under Bardon NP group. (Desford is invited as we are adjoining parishes.) The meeting is on the 12th April, 5.45pm for 6pm in Stanton under Bardon village hall. Bernard expressed interest in attending this.

  1. Next meeting

7pm Thursday 12th April  2018 at the library.

Meeting closed.  8.05 pm.

I confirm this is a true record of the meeting:

Signed……………………………………………………………..   Name……………………………………………………………


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