DNP Working Group minutes 17th May 2018

7.00pm Desford Library

In Attendance: Andrew Norton, Bernard Grimshaw, Colin Crane, Ewan Lindsay, Jim Houghton, Judy Sharpe, June Morris, Martyn Randle, Pat Crane ,Scott Wakefield

Apologies:David Crocker, Darren Tilley, Gary Kirk, Kay Smith, Lisa Botterill,

  1. Welcome:

Martyn welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked for apologies to be listed

  1. Minutes of last meeting / matters arising:

The minutes were discussed and approved as a true record and signed by Martyn accordingly.

There were no matters arising.

  1. Declaration of Interest:


  1. Chairman’s Report:

Martyn explained that although Darren is now taking a less active role in the group he had agreed to reconcile the 2017-18 accounts with the Parish Clerk, and submit the second part of the grant application. He thanked

Bernard for taking over the role of interim treasurer. Bernard thanked Darren for all his work.

Martyn said that an email from Gary had been received. He had apologised for not attending the meeting

and had asked for the chapters to be finalised and the draft chapters to be circulated to him a week before the

next meeting.

  1. Treasurers Report / grant applications:

Bernard stated that the £6000 Locality grant for the housing survey had been received and that the group was still awaiting the Awards for All funding. Bernard is away for the next week but will check with the Parish Clerk that everything has been done. No further work is possible until the grant is awarded. Colin mentioned that the Parish Clerk must sign the confirmation email for the receipt of the Locality grant. Pat stated that this should have been done today (17th May).

  1. Communication Officer’s Report:

Bernard reported that he went to the stakeholders meeting for the Stanton under Bardon, Bagworth and Thornton  neighbourhood plan. He said that the meeting was very similar to ours and that it had taken them 2 years to sort out a joint body. They were being advised by John Preston and team. The NP contact from Barlestone would be joining them. Pat asked if anyone from the industrial site in Merrylees had attended. Bernard said he was not aware of anyone from Merrylees but there were a lot of community organisations and several farmers there.

  1. Pegasus/ Davidsons development

Pat reported that regular emails had been received from the Pegasus group asking if their representatives could meet the Parish Council / DNPWG with regard to Davidsons proposed development. She said replies had been sent to them from the Parish Council stating that they will be informed in due course with everyone else. She mentioned that the Davidsons initial planning application for 100 homes had been turned down. Bernard stated that at present the parish had fulfilled their land supply until 2026 but that Pegasus may still apply to HBBC again. He also commented that YL will be able to advise the WG on our approach in the future. Colin said that Davidsons would have the opportunity to comment later.

  1. FATE focus group:

Jim commented that the group had made a little progress and had now received comments from almost all community groups. Time was now needed to tidy the chapter up and the traffic survey had to be added.

Colin commented that the traffic survey results had been received by the clerk on the 16th May. He explained that the survey had taken place on a Tuesday from 7am to 7pm and that cameras had been set up on Lindridge Lane, outside the library, on Parkstone Road and on Hunts Lane near the Bellways development.  Colin said that he had been surprised by the number of HGV vehicles on Parkstone Road and Lindridge Lane.  Neovia has the same postcode as 1 Peckleton Lane and this causes problems with the HGV sat navs. The Parish Council had asked the Post Office if this could be changed but they had refused. The PC will be asking them again to do this. (Caterpillar has a different postcode). The results of the traffic survey will be circulated to the DNPWG and Jim asked for an abridged version for the FATE chapter.  He also asked if there is a model for the font and print size for the chapter. Pat said she thought that Gary was going to co-ordinate this. Jim said he intended to abridge the main part of the chapter and put further information into appendices. Colin offered to help Jim with this.

  1. Environmental Group:

Pat said that there was nothing further to report and no cross referencing has been done as yet. Judy commented that the group needs to check they have received the most recent copy of their chapter from John to check through. Pat agreed to email John and Gary to check this.

Bernard mentioned that the Awards for All grant may come through in mid-June in time for the next meeting. He also said that as soon as Gary has given the DNPWG the overall draft, it can then be sent to HBBC and could be ready for formal submission in September / October 2018.

  1. Housing Group:

Bernard stated that David had apologised for not attending the meeting and had asked him to comment. The housing group had met on the 16th May  and had gone through the first draft of the chapter. They hoped that this would be done by the 21st June.

Two points had come up. 1- There is no research to show the impact of any future development located to the west of the village on the traffic affecting the primary school or the Peckleton Lane/ High Street junction. 2- There needs to be a balance of views on the Davidsons site versus an eastern village site. This needs to be well supported and consistent.

Bernard stated that no more new sites will be needed in the parish until 2026 unless the HBBC plan review changes this. From then until 2036 80-90 sites per year may be needed. Scott commented that we need to be sure of what we know now, and what we think will be needed, so that there will be no sudden need to act in the future.

11.Cross referencing /Communication between groups/ group leaders meeting:

This had been covered earlier in the meeting.

Scott asked if Gary will look at the document overall and raise any potential conflicts. Martyn replied that Gary would proof read, correct and meld it into a cohesive document.

12.Web page / Twitter /Spotted Desford:

Jim reported that the Vision Statement was not up on the DNPWG website yet. Colin asked if it was on the Parish Council website. Pat replied that she did not know but that it had been agreed to put it up. Jim mentioned that there are only about 2 hits a day on the website currently.


Bernard mentioned that the RCC seem to have been arranging informal pre-submission events for Newbold Verdon, free of charge, even though Newbold Verdon had engaged YL to work with them. The statutory consultations eg with the water board had been done by YL.  Pat stated that she had been to the pre-submission consultation exhibition in Newbold Verdon library and that the NVNPWG had done this themselves. She was unsure what contribution the RCC have made or will make. She mentioned that Newbold Verdon had talked to HBBC planning department as soon as they had received the draft plan. Bernard said he would ask the RCC to do the same for the DNPWG. It was already agreed to ask them for help with SEA. Newbold Verdon had used PlanetX to do this and that there was £500 allowed in the Awards for All bid to fund a company like PlanetX.

Colin raised the impact of the new data protection scheme. He said that it was important not to delete any information until HBBC had endorsed the plan. Pat will reply to the email. Martyn asked about the effect of the act on the DNPWG. Colin explained that the DNPWG will need to follow guidelines issued by the Parish Council.

It was agreed that Gary would be emailed the date of the next meeting asap.

  1. Date of next meeting:

Thursday 28th June 2018 7pm at the library.

Meeting closed.  7.53 pm.

I confirm this is a true record of the meeting:

Signed……………………………………………………………..   Name……………………………………………………………


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