DNP Working Group minutes 5th February 2019

7.00pm Desford Library


In Attendance: Bernard Grimshaw, Colin Crane, David Crocker, Ewan Lindsay, Jim Houghton,  Judy Sharpe, June Morris, Martyn Randle, Pat Crane, Scott Wakefield


Apologies: Andrew Norton, Gary Kirk, Michael Gregg ,Nic Lockley, Rupert Pullin


  1. Welcome:

Martyn welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked for apologies to be listed


  1. Minutes of last meeting / matters arising:

The minutes were discussed, approved as a true record and signed by Martyn


  1. Declaration of Interest:

There were no declarations of interest


  1. Chairman’s Report

Please see attached copy of Martyn’s report.


This was discussed and the following points were raised.

Colin said that he and Pat had attended a meeting with Neovia.

Bernard explained that HBBC have not yet decided on their New Growth Strategy.   There are four possible options:

  1. New town
  2. Major expansion to Hinckley
  3. Expansion of Key Rural Centres (if sustainable)
  4. A mixture of above

It was commented that HEDNA has now been superseded and it is important to take account of the HBBC Local Plan as it develops. It was important that the DNP should comply with regulations.

It was noted that from the residents’ comments received that they would prefer steady organic growth within the parish.


  1. Treasurer’s Report:

Bernard stated that financially there was no change from the previous month. There have been no further invoices from Your Locale. He asked whether he should email Gary and ask whether Your Locale had any further financial requirements. This was agreed. Action: Bernard to email Gary. Colin confirmed that the Parish Council still had a buffer fund for the DNP if needed.

Bernard stated he understood the PC had received further funding for the extra Housing Site Assessments.  Colin confirmed this was so. Action: Colin to ask PC clerk to email this to Bernard


  1. Communication Officer’s Report:

Bernard stated that he had spoken to Guillaume Ray about the SEA. This application has now been approved and passed onto AECOM. AECOM should respond within 10 days and the whole SEA process could take up to 3 months.

He said that Rachel Dexter from HBBC had heard from Historic England and the organisation responsible forSSSIs; both of whom state that the DNP will need a SEA due to the scale of the development. Rachel believes that Historic England has sent a standard reply to the consultation as the DNP has already answered many of the questions that they posed.

Bernard informed the DNPWG that HBBC are updating the timescales for NPs, which are currently being developed, within the borough. He has adjusted the timescale for the DNP by 3 months, to allow time for the SEA to take place. This can be amended further if needed.

Bernard stated that the law had changed for NPs. Action: It was agreed that Bernard would send this information to Judy in a précis form for her to circulate to the group.

Bernard asked whether any further documentation should be added to the drop box or published on the website. It was agreed that this should be discussed with Gary at the next meeting.




  1. Overview from Your Locale , Update on Regulation 14 Comments and Responses

Martyn stated that an email had been received from Gary to say that he hoped to complete his responses on either the 6th or 7th February. These would then be distributed to the group. Action: Everyone to look at the comments and responses before the meeting on 12.2.2019.


  1. Local Plan Review. New Directions for Growth Consultation

Pat reported that this was discussed at the PC planning committee meeting the previous evening. PCs, NPWGs and individuals can all respond to this consultation. Pat read out the questions and a discussion took place. It was agreed that the DNPWG’s favoured site for any future development in the borough, outside the urban area, was to the NW close to the M42. It was commented that there should be a range of employment opportunities, not just warehousing eg an Enterprise Park. Action– It was agreed that Pat would send a joint PC/ DNPWG response to the consultation.


  1. Update on HBBC SHLAA

Bernard reported that grant aid was available to assess any new sites.

Colin stated that the only new development site revealed in the comments was a field owned by Jelson between The Paddocks development and the allotments. Bernard asked if this site linked up with Davidsons proposed site. Maps were studied and it appears that they do not.


  1. SEA

This was discussed earlier in the meeting.


  1. Overview of plan timetable

This was discussed earlier in the meeting and depends on the SEA timings.


  1. Web page/ twitter / Spotted Desford

Jim reported that originally the website was receiving an average of 2 hits a day. This rose to around 20 a day during the first two weeks of the consultation period. It is now around 7 a day of which approximately 25% are from abroad.


  1. AOB:

Pat reported that Nicola Smith from HBBC will ask all NP groups to sign a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with them. The DNP already has a SLA with the RCC.

Colin stated that we need to try and keep the DNP in line with the HBBC Local Plan.

Ewan said that it was important to concentrate on the facilities, eg school capacity and medical facilities as well as the physical aspects of the plan.

Bernard reported that there appeared to have been no response from LCC Education Department or the NHS to the plan. Pat said that the NHS wanted £60,000 Section 106 money from CERDA, if the development goes ahead. This was to go towards a new build GP surgery at Ratby to which potential new residents of Desford would be sign posted. It was pointed out that Ratby is not accessible by public transport from the village of Desford. Comments were also made that the usual GP surgeries for residents of Desford are in Desford, and at Newbold Verdon and Braunstone Crossroads, which are served by a bus service.

Colin stated that Section 106 money from the Neovia development was planned to go to Desford Crossroads, not the Dan’s Lane junction with the A47.

David asked whether we need to communicate with the residents. Colin and Pat explained that all Regulation 14 comments will need to be responded to. This will be the job of the PC clerk when the responses have been discussed and agreed.

Judy asked about the agenda for the next meeting. It was agreed that this would be a single item agenda to discuss the Regulation 14 comments and responses and that this would be led by Gary.


Martyn thanked everyone for attending.


  1. Date of next meeting:


Tuesday February 12th 2019 7pm at the library.


Meeting closed.  8.16 pm.


I confirm this is a true record of the meeting:


Signed……………………………………………………………..   Name……………………………………………………………




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