The Parish Council consulted parishioners on its first draft of the Neighbourhood Plan during December and January 2018/2019. The draft included all the sites assessed as possible housing sites in the parish and recommended the allocation of one major site.

Responses to this consultation and discussions with Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council’s Planning Department have resulted in the need to assess and consult on 7 further sites. This does not mean that all or any of them will be allocated in the plan. Indeed, any views received in response to this consultation will help the Council to decide which, if any, should go forward.

The sites are:
Snowdene and land to the rear, Main Street, Botcheston
Land to the rear of Manor Farm, Main Street, Botcheston
Land at disused Sewage Works, Lindridge Lane, Desford
Land adjacent to Lyndale Cattery, Desford
Hunts Lane extension, Desford
Land to the South of Desford, to the East of Peckleton Lane
Land to the South of Desford, extension of above to the West of Peckleton Lane

Full details of the sites can be seen on the Parish Council’s Website, the Neighbourhood Plan site. The addresses/links are as follows:
Desford Parish Council:
Neighbourhood Plan site:

Hard copies can be inspected at the Library, Mon 2 – 5, Tues 10 – 12, Thurs 10 – 12, 2 – 7, Sat 10 – 1.

The consultation period starts on Friday 12th April and ends on 23rd May 2019. Responses in writing or by email to the Clerk to the Council as above by 23rd May 2019

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