Locality Funding

Locality support community-led projects and plans to build and strengthen communities across England through information, advice and funding. They deliver six programmes of grants and support on behalf of the Department for Communities and Local Government, which includes for communities who are developing a Neighbourhood Plan.

As a community developing a Neighbourhood Plan, we are eligible to apply for total grant funding of up to £9,000 over the three year programme from 2015-18 to assist us with the following costs:
• Developing a website
• Training sessions for members of the steering group
• Help with putting together a project plan
• Undertaking a household survey
• Help with developing the evidence base
• Engaging a planning expert
• Venue hire, publicity materials, printing and other costs associated with consultation.

To date we have not received any Locality Grant funding, however, during 2017 as we undertake a household survey, develop a website and seek assistance with developing the evidence base we need for our plan, it is our intention to apply for funding support.


Desford Parish Council

The Parish Council, as the responsible body, has allocated funding within its annual budget to ensure that the costs associated with undertaking a Neighbourhood Plan can be met; for example, administrative, publicity and professional costs. During 2016/2017, the Parish Council allocated £5,000 for this purpose.

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