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UPDATE September 2017

You may have noticed small groups of people wandering the fields of Desford Parish with clip boards and worried frowns. You may even have asked ‘Are you from the Council?’

No! We are not that official but we are surveying the fields in the  Parish  to record their current use  for the Desford Local Development Plan. You will remember filling in a questionnaire to help us some months ago.

The survey is another arm of evidence gathering which a few of us are undertaking. There are also other groups looking at Housing, Employment and Transport

But back to the fields. Were you aware that there are 288 fields in the Parish?

You could use Google Earth I hear you say and we may have to resort to that for some that are particularly inaccessible . However the Parish is endowed with many well maintained footpaths from which we have good views of adjoining fields and the survey is proving to be a very enjoyable exercise .

We are rediscovering beautiful parts of the Parish, gaining new knowledge, seeing lots of nature and getting some exercise.

So why the frowns?  Well we have to score the fields according to specific criteria e.g.  land use, importance to the area, importance to the natural environment and for recreation and education so there is some need for discussion and opinion sharing to reach as accurate  a conclusion as possible.

It will all be worth it to ensure that our plan does impact positively on the future of the Parish.

You can find out more from the website

or from Bernard Grimshaw               

or Martyn Randle                              

Linda Mitchell

Autumn Report 2018

DESFORD PARISH NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN – A PROGRESS REPORT - Autumn 2018 “Where we are now” Locality, a government body, which provides support to neighbourhood planning groups on behalf of the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government, has awarded us £6000 to...

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Minutes 28th June 2018

DNP Working Group minutes 28th June 2018 7.00pm Desford Library In Attendance: Bernard Grimshaw, Colin Crane, David Crocker, Ewan Lindsay, Gary Kirk (YL), Jim Houghton, Judy Sharpe, June Morris, Martyn Randle, Pat Crane, Paul Angelinetta Apologies: Andrew Norton,...

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The production of the Desford Parish Neighbourhood Plan is being led by Desford Parish Council with the support of a small Working Party of local volunteers. The success of the plan will rely on ongoing input and support from local residents, businesses, land owners,...

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There has recently been a detailed investigation into the housing needs of Desford carried out by  Midlands Rural Housing, the information from which has been forwarded to HBBC and Desford Parish Council to inform future planning.

There were 33 respondents whose housing needs ranged from: preparation for retirement ; wanting to return to the village to be near family; requiring more living space; health reasons; young people wanting first independent home.

As a result of this survey there is an identified need for 18 open market homes and 14 affordable homes  in the next 5 years in Desford Parish for those with a local connection. However, there are also 46 other households with a Desford connection currently on HBBC’s Housing Register making the requirement for affordable homes for local people to be 60. However, some of these needs will be met from existing developments and normal operations. The Borough has its own procedures for those on the waiting list.

So the questions are:

  1. How many new homes, if any, are needed over and above the planned development up to 2026?
  2. If any are needed where should they be built?

These are the kind of potential planning and development questions that the Desford Neighbourhood Development Plan is designed to resolve.

Membership of the DNDP working group is open to all residents of Desford Parish. If you are interested in having a voice in the future development of your parish contact Martyn Randle.

or Bernard Grimshaw.      desplan16@


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