The parish enjoys a number of planting schemes including those organised by the Desford Community Action Group (DCAG) and more recently with the hanging baskets provided by Desford in Bloom. Open spaces at Pickards and Kirkby Road recreation grounds are well maintained by the Parish Council and there is a small community garden at Desford Primary School, whilst the Barnes Charity maintains a significant wildlife area at the back of Station Road.


The parish hosts 2 solar farms, one down Lindridge Lane (5MWp) and one opposite the Crown Crest factory towards Kirby Muxloe (5.3MWp). Over 80 householders have elected to install small solar panel arrays on their homes and larger installations can be found at Bosworth Academy (100KWp) and Sport in Desford (44KWp). In the case of SiD, the solar panel array (176 panels) is backed by the installation of 6 Tesla Powerwall batteries that can store the daytime generation for use in the evenings when the demand is high. This is the first installation of 6 Tesla Powerwalls strapped together in the UK! There are also a number of wind turbines in the parish will several more within clear view. Desford Parish is understood to generate more renewable energy than any other parish in the borough.

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