Neighbourhood Development Plan Working Group Meeting 7.30pm Desford Library 4 April 2017

Neighbourhood Development Plan Working Group Meeting

7.30pm Desford Library 4 April 2017


In attendance: Bernard Grimshaw, David Crocker, Judy Sharpe, Kaye Johnson, Linda Mitchell, Martyn Randle, Pat Crane, Colin Crane, Darren Tilley, Paul Angelinetta.


Apologies: Ewan Lindsay, Janet Ireland, Derek Ireland, John Preston, Kay Smith, Sam Hatfield, Scott Wakefield, Helen Nightingale.


  1. Welcome & chairman’s report: Martyn Randle in Chair welcomed all who were there. Apologies were listed. Martyn gave his report, which was then discussed by the group.


  1. Minutes of the last meeting: These were approved as correct and signed by the chair.


  1. Matters arising: None


  1. Treasurers Report:

Darren advised that the Grant application (£9k) has now been submitted, but this can take approx. 30 working days to the receipt of the money – assuming all is accepted. Pat thanked Darren for his work on this issue. The balance sheet was circulated before the meeting and Darren was advised that MRH should be giving us £100 as their share of the distribution of questionnaires fee. This will be added to the spreadsheet. There is a bill to come from CSF Computers for the work on the website.   Darren confirmed that he will be sending the Y/E accounts to the PC Clerk asap.


  1. Communication Officers report:

Bernard reminded everyone of the meeting next week, Monday 10 April at 5.15pm when              Gary Kirkman from Your Locale will be there advising the group of the next steps forward.    Everyone was asked to attend if possible. Bernard suggested that Paul Grundy (HBBC) be invited to next week’s meeting and as everyone agreed Bernard is to send an email to him.


  1. Website:

Bernard said he had received a phone call from CFS asking to whom to send his invoice, Craig was advised to send this to the PC Clerk.   It was also noted that Roger King from the Newbold group had commented that he liked our web site.


  1. Feedback from collection teams:

As at the start of this meeting there had been 416 questionnaire forms returned. Some more had been handed in at the meeting, so the number has already increased.  90 forms were hand delivered to the residents in Kirby Muxloe who are within our parish boundary, but sadly not one returned.   Martyn did say that when he was collecting in part of Desford, the majority of residents are showing an interest.


  1. Data input – Draft report:

            Colin is going to input one form tonight and if this is successful the volunteers can start inputting into the RCC software.  Colin, Kaye and Kay to do some inputting. John Preston can do the final analysis once all completed.  Where people have entered their name and address for the prize draw on the last sheet in the pamphlet, this sheet is to be removed and put in the draw which will take place at the Parish Council meeting on 17 May and this date is to be publicised in the Graphic.  The group were reminded that there are 4 prizes of £25 each.

A question was raised as to what the volunteers, who are inputting, should do if there is any questionable comments on the form.  Darren proposed that if people have taken the time to write an item, then everything should be entered.  After the input all comments can then be reviewed and discarded if in breach of the law.  This was agreed by all.

  1. Public Forum:

            Martyn suggested that once the results are know, it would be sensible to have a public forum to let the residents know what is happening. Also to publicise the report on the website and facebook/twitter.  All agreed.  It was noted that Gary Kirk is very keen on keeping the dialogue open with stakeholders and residents.


  1. AOB:

            Bernard and Colin will organise the youth questionnaire.

On the 2nd of May at 7pm there is to be a joint meeting with Barlestone and Newbold Verdon working groups, a few volunteers are needed for the Desford Group.  Martyn, Pat and Bernard agreed to do this.

Bernard mentioned the aerial picture that NV have in the Graphic as part of their information, which is a good eye catcher.  NV had this done privately, but Bern asked if the county council still do this and if so could we ask for one of Desford from them?

Pat is to ask the RCC for a rough guide of how long for the data analysis to be received once all the forms in,  Bern suggested that John be asked if he can attend the next meeting to explain what we will get as the results.  If John can’t attend could he send an email with an explanation?


Next meetings:   Monday 10 April 5.15pm  (Your Locale Intro)

Tuesday  2 May  7pm       (3 village meeting)

Tuesday 9 May  8pm       (NDPWG meeting)

All at Desford Library.


Meeting Closed 8.25pm.



I confirm these are a true copy of the meeting:


Signed……………………………….   Name……………………………  Date……………………





















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